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Imagine an audio device that sounds exactly the way you want it to, that is solid and compact and lets you connect straight to your gear so you'll never feel the need to change again.



At [sfx] we don't just listen to our customers - we act on your suggestions and your needs.

It doesn't matter if you are a big rock star or you just play and record at home - your challenges are our challenges.

This is why we encourage artists, recording engineers and everybody with a problem in audio engineering to contact us. We would be happy to have a quick chat with you - even if you don't plan to buy anything at present.


 How we work

Often the design of audio devices starts with their added functions. Designers think of how many knobs and switches to put on the box and designing a circuit that sounds OK around them.

At [sfx] we think of the sound we want and we design what we need to achieve it. Everything else is left out. No extra components are used unless it is necessary to achieve the sound we are looking for.

We don't cut corners. We don't add a resistor because "that will do". We design and deliver the best solution for you. No compromises and no shareholders to keep happy.

We constantly review what we do based on users' feedback. All of our devices are individually designed, hand-made and tested.


 Custom solutions

Every device we make is a new starting point.

Sometimes what our customers need is unique. To address your requirements we can combine parts from more than one device and build something totally new, or we can start from scratch if needed.

If you have a requirement that it is not addressed by our products please get in touch: we will be happy to listen and accept the challenge!

"Ok - custom built is cool but it is going to cost me a fortune!" Not, really. The majority of our devices are custom made on order and often a small variation to the circuit doesn't require too much work.