Custom shop: how to submit a Custom Shop request

We receive custom shop requests regularly and we always manage to satisfy our customers .

However, we understand that for some projects, writing exactly what one needs can be complicated. These notes are a quick guide to help you.


For relatively simple units, a list with the unit's inputs, outputs and main controls is usually enough. For example:

1x 1/4" instrument jack input
1x 1/4" jack output (to the amp)
1x XLR out
1x XLR out level control
1x 2 band EQ
1x mute foot switch with LED (on=mute)

- 2 band EQ tuned for bass guitar

- Can I have a LED always on to indicate that the power supply is connected?

For more complex units, especially if there is some complex signal routing, it would really help us if you could draw a simple diagram that shows the signal path. It does not need to be sophisticated. You can draw it on a piece of paper and take a photo with your cell phone.


In your email please indicate:
   - your name and surname
   - your location
   - the instrument you play (bass, double-bass, guitar, violin, keyboards...)
   - if you think it would be useful, the type of music you play
   - if applicable, the brand/model of instrument and amplifier

After we received the list and/or the diagram, we'll contact you asking a few question of clarification. This is because there might be technical constraints that require some fine tuning of the requirements. We also may give you some advice based on the experience of other musicians that asked us to build similar units.

Usually, we reply to Custom Shop requests fairly quickly but please consider that we need some time to think about the specifications you sent us and their technical implications. Often, it's an exercise that requires us to gather information on a few fronts.


Obviously, the cost of a project is important. If you are on a tight budget, it might be in everybody's interest if you let us know at this stage. This is to avoid disappointments at a later stage when, after all the technical details are defined, we find out that the project is more expensive than you expected. If we think that some functions can be simplified to stay under your maximum budget, we'll be happy to work with you to achieve what you need.

We also appreciate that some of our customers may be reluctant to discluse their budget at an early stage. It is entirely understandable and it is perfectly fine if you prefer not to discuss your budget but please consider that it is bound to emerge at some point.