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[sfx] H1 is a headphones amplifier designed for musicians and recording engineers.

Almost all multi-effect units these days have a headphone output. They can drive standard headphones but rarely can cope with high impedance headphones and when they do what we hear never sounds clear.

H1 is a headphone amplifier that is designed pure and simply for great sound.

Simply connect your favourite headphones to the H1 and you will hear for the first time the real sound of your instrument in your headphones.


H1 also has a stereo input for your mp3 player or computer, The instrument inputs and the stereo input have separate input stages to guarantee zero cross talk and the best sound for both sources.

H1 is also the ideal tool for musicians that are serious about practising and that look for the ultimate sound clarity. For the first time they can hear in their headphones the real sound of their instrument mixed with an external sound source (e.g. an mp3 player or a computer).

Drummers will find it is a great way to directly control the volume of the click without constantly asking the sound engineer to turn it up or down.

Singers can use it to directly control the volume coming from the recording desk.



- Input impedance (instrument): ~1M ohm
- Power supply:
    - 7V to 10V (centre negative)
    - 9V battery

Please note that the unit is supplied without power supply adaptor.

At [sfx] we keep our device design constantly under review. For this reason, these specifications are only indicative and they may vary without notice. If you have a unique requirement please feel free to contact [sfx] to discuss your custom version.