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The m:D2 is a compact device that enables performing musicians and recording engineer to amplify and converts the impedance of musical instruments and other sound sources.


The input is unbalanced (1/4" TS jack connector) and it can be connected to low or high impedance sources like guitars (with magnetic or piezo pickups), bass guitars (active or passive), keyboards or other audio equipments.

The m:D2 has two outputs: balanced (XLR connector) and unbalanced (1/4" TS jack connector). The two outputs are driven by separate circuits so the two outputs do no interact. Variation on the impedance applied to one output has no effect on the other output. The two connections can be used at same time to send the signal to different units.


m:D2 can be connected directly to recording devices to match the impedance between your sound source and recording interface. The output volume control is used to match the signal sent to the connected units.

The m:D2 output can also be connected directly to a power amplifier for the ultimate, unprocessed clean sound. In this case, the m:D2 operates as a preamplifier. This connection can be done using the balanced or the unbalanced connection (or both if you wish to connect two power amplifiers).


If used as a preamplifier, it is possible to connect to m:D2 to a standard bass or guitar amplifier. In this case the unbalanced output of the m:D2 should be connected to the RETURN socket of the amplifier.

Differently to some units of other brands, the volume controls operate continuously and allows gains below 0dB (down to totally silent output). This is especially useful when the m:D2 is used as preamplifier connected directly to a power amp.


 Sound Samples

Device 1: sample 1
Device 1: sample 2
Device 2: sample 1
Device 2: sample 2

Audio samples recorded with a passive Fender Jazz Bass connected to a [sfx] m:D2 and an Avalon U5.

Can you tell which one is which?

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All samples recorder directly with no compression or EQ.


- Controls: volume unbalanced output, volume XLR output, mute, ground lift
- Inputs: jack 1/4", unbalanced
- Input impedance: 3.3M ohm
- Output #1: XLR, balanced
- Output #2: jack 1/4", unbalanced
- Power supply: 7-10V centre negative (2.1mm)
- Maximum output voltage before distortion: >25V p-p
- Balanced output:
      Frequency response ±1dB: 6Hz-40kHz
      THD @ 1kHz: <0.005%
- Un-Balanced output:
      Frequency response ±1dB: 7Hz-40kHz
      THD @ 1kHz: <0.01%

At [sfx] we keep our devices design constantly under review. For this reason, the specifications are indicative and they may vary without notice.

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