[sfx] [sfx]:micro-boost

guitar bass keyboards recording

[sfx] Micro-Boost is the compact version of the [sfx] Blue Dragon.


  • Booster. Simple, clean, transparent.
  • Preamplifier. It can drive directly power amps.
  • Buffer. High input impedance for demanding pickups (e.g. vintage).
  • Line driver. Match the signal levels leaving your sound unaltered.
  • Linear Response. Perfect frequency response for guitar, bass or keyboards.
  • Massive headroom. No clipping under the most demanding signals.

[sfx] Micro-Boost uses a custom LED switching system to minimize the click noise present in many true-bypass pedals.


  • Compact - small footprint
  • Hand made
  • Built using the finest components
  • True-bypass
  • High input impedance
  • Power supply: 7-10V, 2.1mm centre negative, regulated. It can be daisy chained.
  • Power usage: ~50mA @ 9V


At [sfx] we keep our devices design constantly under review. For this reason, the specifications are indicative and they may vary without notice.