[sfx] [sfx] m:system

m:system (modular:system) is the [sfx] solution to many problems that musicians and recording engineers experience in connecting audio devices.

The m:system is not a device in itself, it is a connections system that can be applied to any pedal or device giving you all it's advantages.

All m:system units have two extra connectors on the back. These two extra connections are the m:link:

m:signal It is a 1/4" jack connector that it is functionally equivalent to an extra connection wired in parallel to the main input usually found on the front panel. It operates together with the main input to shut down if the sockets are disconnected.
m:power It is a standard 9V (centre negative) connected to the main 9V socket.


This conceptually simple connectivity system offers a few advantages:
  • Series and parallel connections are made on the back of the units with short cables leaving the front uncluttered.
  • Typical connection problems are easy to debug as all the connections offer a linear and easy-to-follow path.
  • It uses standard cable and connectors. E.g. parallel connections can be achieved without Y cables.


 How to connect m:system devices

    Power Supply

m:system allow you to share the same power supply with multiple devices without using special cables or connectors. This is achieved using the main power connector and the m:power connector.

The first device receives the power supply in the main power connector and it makes it available to other devices though the m:power connector. Other devices can connect to this socket to acquire power and, if required, re-distribute it through the m:system.



The m:signal connector can be used for two main purposes:

  • Passthrough connector. The input signal is available through the m:signal connector without any processing or buffering.
  • Alternative input. Instead of the main input, the signal can be sent to the m:signal connector. This is electrically equivalent to using the main input.

As the m:signal connector can operate as an input or output, it possible to use it in chain multiple devices without using connections on the front. All the connections can be managed on the back.



You can choose to have the m:system as part of almost any device produced by [sfx].