User testimonials

"I wanted to thank you for designing such a great product. Everything from it screams quality.

I compared it to the ********* variable HPF and the two products are not in the same league. While the ********* made the low-end sound thin even if placed at 25 hz, the micro-Thumpinator kept ALL the low-end or tone intact, at least the part that I can hear. While reading about the designs of the two products, I was actually afraid the micro-Thumpinator would cut too much low end (...). In reality, it's the opposite. Like you say, it cuts under 25 hz and changes NOTHING else.

I've been wanting to buy one for years to be honest and I'm glad I finally did.

- Martin L. (Canada)

"I bought my first Thumpinator a few months ago, and I enjoy it so much I decided I needed another, for back up, or because sometimes I run 2 amplifiers from the Stereo output of my Godin A5 bass.

I don't know what you've done in that little package, but it opens a new dimension in the world of Bass." [micro-Thumpinator]

- Larry G (USA) ("The Wild Hares" band)

Max, The Thumpinator is a winner. The difference is amazing.
Cheers [micro-Thumpinator]

- Stu Cook (Creedence Clearwater Revival 1967-1972, Clearwater Revival Revisited)

Great comms throughout and the pedal came much sooner than expected. It's really well built and does exactly the job its intended for. Great work and thanks again. [sfx custom shop, micro-H]

- Ian 'dodge' Paterson (UK): Nick Pride and the Pimptones (Record Kicks / Legere Recordings), Harry Bird and the Rubber Wellies (Hot Drop Records), Joy Atlas

I received my Red Dragon pedal today. This thing is awesome! Focused overtones/growl, with no mid-range smear, boomyness, or excessive clank. This is the sound I've been hearing in my head for years! [micro Red Dragon]

- Ty A (UK)

It's quite rare to find a peace of equipment that makes you smile every time you play through it and this definitely is one of them. [Custom Shop preamplifier]

- Jukka K (Finland)

Hey Max! Just wanted to let you know your Mix pedal has been on my board for our whole recent tour and it's working out wonderfully. We've been opening for Sara Bareilles and OneRepublic. Thanks a lot, keep up the great work. [micro-mix]

- Whynot Jansveld (USA)

I am stunned by the sound quality of this little amp. I have to say I am totally impressed with the service you have provided. [H1]

- Andy W (UK)

Just a note to let you know I received my Micro Thumpinator. It is fantastic. Great product and well worth the wait.

I'm looking at your other products now and would not hesitate to recommend you to my friends. [micro-Thumpinator]

- Bob J (Canada)

The Micro Mix came yesterday in the post - to say I'm pleased is an understatement!!!! It works like a charm and is a million times better and quieter than the **** **-* pedal I was using before.

I couldn't resist a quick peak inside the unit to see how it was made. I own some very high end, handmade 'boutique' distortion pedals - so I am used to seeing excellent work. However, I can say that the quality of your work is exemplary! [micro-mix]

- Rob S (Italy)

Just writing to you to give you my first impressions on the Micro Thumpinator. Man... How did I live without this little device for so long? I used to have the filter switches on my power amp but, don't know why, they didn't work as well as the micro-Thumpinator. I'm putting the mT first thing on my signal chain followed by the compressor. Best combination ever. The compressor works better now, all the other effects (drive, octave and envelope filters) also respond better. And, without any effects, just the mT and the compressor, I got the punchier P-Bass sound ever now. The drummer I play with, who's a good friend of mine and also a wicked sound engineer, came straight to me after the first set and made huge compliments on my sound. Like how he never heard my bass so clear in the mix and how great it sounded. I showed him the little fella and he was impressed. We did a little A-B'ing after the gig (with and without mT) and what a difference it makes. I was about to change my strings because my E was sounding quite dull. Not anymore... My E string is back to life. This little thing is magical man. I'm glad I bumped into it and into [sfx]. [micro-Thumpinator]

- Eddie H (UK)

Just to say thank-you for my new micro-H, had a chance to try it out last night and it's superb, perfect blend of function, form and superb sound quality! [micro-H]

- Andy D (UK)

I received the Micro Fuzz you sent out the other week, and I must say that this little unit is incredible. Honestly, I'm not a big bass distortion guy, but this pedal is a dream to hear. [micro-Fuzz]

- Paul R (USA)

I used the SP2 in front of my sound card to record all of the pieces on my new album. Have also been using it live a lot; and it works a treat. It's very portable and roadworthy, which can't be said about some other preamps I have owned. The SP2 adds punch and clarity to my passive pickup sound. I have happily recommended the unit to other Stick players.[SP2]

- Andy Salvanos (Australia)

Hi Max, I have been using the AY2 for a week now for several gigs and recording sessions and I have to say I am impressed and pleased with the sound and functionality. Most of the other players noticed a difference subtle but most definite improvement to my tone.

The recording sessions were especially telling and your little box impressed everyone even the skeptical hard core tone snobs that make up much of my client base.

Tonight I had a chance to peek under the hood; I have to say that is some of the nicest work I have seen, for a long time. That is some old school, bullet proof, military spec, beautimus work. Reminds me of some of the old ultra hi-fi gear I used to sell and install: McIntosh & Crown 70's era. I don't think I have ever seen the level of detail in any musical gear ever, even high end boutique amps and such. [AY2]

- Brad Mock aka BassBrad (USA)

Whoa! Amazing pedal!!! I got it today, brought to our show, and played it. It's literally breathtaking. Tightened up the low end considerably and no nasty thumps. Thank you Max!!! [micro-Thumpinator]

- Ryan Ratajski, Fuzzrocious Pedals (USA)

I've been through a fair few fuzzes and distortions over the last 3 months, had 3 fuzzes on my board at one point but have finally settled now on 'my sound'. The only 'survivor' is the micro fuzz.
It's a keeper, it's the only fuzz on my board now, and I love it! A really big thank you, I'm really impressed, and so happy with my tone!! [micro-Fuzz]

- Andy S (UK)

Just to let you know how happy I am with the Micro Red Dragon. It does exactly what I wanted - fattening up my bass sound without getting buzzy and too dirty. But also - I gave it a run out with a much louder band I occasionally play with and the guys loved the way it gave my bass a bit of a 'kick'. I'm really made up. And it looks cool too. Superb - thanks. [Micro Red Dragon]

- Andrew S. (UK)

Just thought I'd drop you a quick email to let you know how impressed I am with the micro-Thumpinator. The low end is so much more focused and cuts through the mix infinitely better. Absolutely love it, both guitarists have commented that my bass sound has been massively better and have asked what is new. [micro-Thumpinator]

- Tom G. (UK)

This fuzz is absolutely brilliant, I'm very, very happy with it, best fuzz for bass I ever tried, in many years, so thanks for doing it. It's exactly the kind of creamy, full, defined fuzz tone I was after. [Micro-Fuzz]

- Paulo E. (UK)

Just wanted to write and say a big thanks - Have had the Dual Red Dragon for a bit now, and it is exactly what I was after. Sounds great and looks great. Also was much smaller than I expected which was a nice surprise. I will definitely be getting more stuff from you in the future like the X&M. Cheers! [Custom Shop: dual channel Red Dragon]

- Brian D. (USA)

I received the micro Thumpinator yesterday and it's really great!! I use it for slap on double bass and I have the cleanest sound ever..! [Micro-Thumpinator]

- Sven W. (Netherlands)

... I could hear the difference straight away. A great piece of kit and well worth the wait. [Micro-Thumpinator]

- Si K. (UK)

This is an amazing pedal. If you haven't tried one of his [sfx] creations, you owe it to yourself. I caught myself smiling tonight while tweaking new tones out of it... it's been a long time since I've had so much fun with a pedal. (posted on [custom shop, AY2: bass guitar equalizer]

- Al Y. (Canada)

[the H1] arrived yesterday and I have given it a good workout. I'm very impressed by how clear the sound is. Bass sounds wonderful and running my iPod through it as well sounded terrific. [H1]

- Gareth M. (UK)

To put it simply. I had a big gap in my sound between the clean tone and heavy use of effects and it had to be eliminated so I got in touch with Max and asked few questions about a truly custom unit. From first email you know that Max understands the needs of a gigging musician and is able to create very neat little boxes that make our lives so much easier.
   Mr Loophole is a double loop pedal with post and pre loop DI Outs, but most importantly it has 2 inputs allowing me to have both my basses connected at the same time. Each input, loop and DI Out has a separate volume control which allows for different effects or basses volume to be brought to the same level which in the 15 seconds you have to change your bass is a must and allows for a consistent sound which makes mine and sound's engineer live easier.
   When I received the package I sure wasn't expecting what I found in the box. The unit is finished to the highest of standards and everything is very clear and simple. The size of the enclosure is the smallest you could fit so many components in and it easily fits in my gig bag. The unit is very robust and sure capable of handling heavy gigging without any problems.
   The biggest surprise comes when this little beast is fired up, the sound is absolutely clean, no noise, no colouration, nothing but a pure sound of bass. It made me realise how many of the effects colour the sound even when they're in ''bypass'' so from now on if I need effects I will sure come to Max. My guitarists was also surprised how easy it is for me to switch between different sounds using just 2 switches instead of having to fiddle with couple of effects at once. Result. [custom shop]

- Jack D. (UK)

How does it sound? Freakin' awesome!! With the EQ bypassed, it's clean, quiet and solid ; with EQ engaged (to taste), add fat and smooth on top of that. Yeah, it's still new to me, but I'm even diggin' this more than my IP777 and True Voice. It seems the EQ has more than what could even possibly be used, but the peak frequencies fit my tastes very well--The bottom is full, fat and punchy, while the top (though admittedly I have no tweets in my cabs) is soft and smooth even when pushed all the way up. [Custom Shop: Bass preamp and DI with Thumpinator] (full review)

- Brett M. (USA)

Got home, tried the unit. Superb!! Absolutely brilliant and what I wanted. [Mix Box]

- Andy F. (UK)

Hey Max, Hope you're well, just a quick email, im going in to record at EMI next week, been recording some solos in preparation with the fuzz, I have now found the sweetspot, it sounds truely amazing!!!! [Custom Fuzz]

- Toby L. (UK)

I've been looking for a transparent, high quality preamp to hear the real sound of my basses and for pickups fine tuning. Tested several studio quality channel strips (worth thousands) and decided to give a chance to this small unit. Glad I did! I'm extremely happy! It really keeps the instrument's tone unaltered and, even more important, transients and dynamics come out as they should. The fact it's ultra-light and smallest is only a plus, it would be worth the hassle even if it weighted 10kg [m:D2]

- Armando Pugliese, Prometeus Guitars (Italy)

The pedal super useful and Max helped me get the exact result out of it! Brilliant customer service skills and amazing build quality. I will be back for any mods/work i need done in future - This stuff rocks! [custom Blue Dragon]

- Davie W, Aberdeen (UK)

The Big Muff arrived this morning; been playing with it for the past 3 hours, I just don't want to turn it off!. [Big Muff repair and mod]

- AJ (UK)

Highly recommended. [Catalinbread HyperPak mod]

- Jonny M. (UK)

[sfx] is a professional business that pays attention to detail, makes the customer's requirements a priority, and maintains good communication throughout the process. [custom shop: 2 Channel line driver]

- Greg D. (New Zealand)

I showed up at the first gig with my new Pre and it took me less then a minute to make my band mates go Wow! [custom shop: bass preamplifier]

- Maurizio C. (Malaysia)

The "Bass" mod has really blown me away, now the pedal retains the low end as a bass overdrive should. [Digitech Bad Monkey mods]

- Adriano P. (Italy)

Sounds absolutely fantastic, exactly what I was after, very glad I went for the mid-control, makes a big difference. [Digitech Bad Monkey mods]

- Robert B. (UK)

I turned it off and everything sounded ****. Loving it. [m:D2]

- Pascal G. (UK)