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[sfx] X&M frees the musicians from the constraints due to the narrow frequency response of some units creating a bi-amp system in a box.

  • Enjoy your favourite distortion box without loosing bottom end. Simply connect the distortion unit in the "high" channel
  • Build new creative configurations with chorus and pitch shifters on separate frequency bands. Connect different effect type on the "low" and "high" channel
  • Control the dynamic on separate frequencies. Connect a compressor in the "low" channel and an equalizer in the "high" channel
  • Blend the two bands with the integrated mixer
 How it works

The signal is split in low and high frequencies with a selectable cutoff frequency. The two signals can be processed separately and recombined with the integrated mixer.

If nothing is connected in one of the two channels (e.g. nothing is connected in the "low" channel in the crossover and the mixer sections) X&M connects the two jack sockets internally minimizing the patch cables.

The red and blue knobs control the gain for the mix section. Usually, they are left at 12:00 but they can used to control pedals that are too "hot" or too weak.

The footswitch enables/disableds the crossover and mix links. When the unit is enabled (LED on), the crossover and mix operate normally. When the unit is disabled (LED off), the input and output jack sockets are connected directly and everything plugged in the other jack sockets is disconnected.



  • Filters slope: 24dB/oct
  • Filters frequency: 55Hz-2800Hz
  • Gain mixer: -∞ to +20dB
  • Input impedance: 1M ohm
  • Power supply: 7-11V, 2.1mm centre negative, regulated. It can be daisy chained
  • True-bypass
  • Hand made
  • Built using the finest components


At [sfx] we keep our devices design constantly under review. For this reason, the specifications are indicative and they may vary without notice.